Customized facilitation and coaching services to help your organization have a bigger impact, a healthier team environment, and more fun along the way.


You are preparing to host a meeting, workshop, retreat or conference with your team. You want to make sure the time spent before, during and after this meeting is fulfilling for participants while helping to produce valuable outcomes for your organization.


A series of brief consultations with you and key stakeholders to define the vision, outcomes, process and logistics of your upcoming meeting. 

  • Summary of vision, purpose and outcomes
  • Implementation timeline with roles and responsibilities
  • Detailed agenda with materials, roles and logistics
  • Simplified agenda for meeting participants
  • Team members have shared ownership over the process
  • Meetings are structured for clear, purpose-driven results
  • Time and resources are spent more efficiently


Planning services, with the addition of communicating with participants, facilitating your meeting, and documenting what has been accomplished. 

  • Participant list and invitations
  • Facilitation and support during meeting
  • Evaluation of meeting and facilitation
  • Summary of discussion and decisions
  • An inclusive process that addresses group dynamics
  • Structured, consensus-based decision making
  • All ideas captured, from clear next steps to creative possibilities


You are a leader within your organization and want  personalized support to improve your team process.

Problem Solving

A set of one-on-one coaching sessions to address your specific challenges around group dynamics and process, and to identify opportunities for learning and growth.

  • Initial evaluation of skills and challenges
  • A set of focused coaching sessions
  • Summaries of sessions and resources to continue learning
  • Final report on areas for on-going growth
  • Resolution of specific challenges in your work
  • Improved confidence and ability to guide group dynamics
  • Increased knowledge of self, organization, and resources

Services are available in-person throughout Tuscany, Italy, or in other locations with reimbursement of expenses. Services are available globally online and by phone. To create a customized, cost-efficient solution suited to your organization’s unique needs, feel free to contact us anytime.