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Through our consulting and facilitation services for nonprofits, you can reach your goals more effectively as a team.

Founded by lead consultant Rachel Malek, Authentic Engagement Consulting helps small and medium sized non-profits in Europe, Canada and around the world.

Our coaching and facilitation services will help increase your community impact, through a variety of methods that focus on the value of people and process.

We can help you create custom solutions. Contact us anytime to talk about your idea, receive feedback, and brainstorm the next steps for your nonprofit team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facilitation literally means “making things easier”.

Facilitation is the specialized process of planning and guiding a group process. A facilitator has a knowledge of group dynamics and a wide range of tools to guide groups toward their objectives.

A facilitator is not the leader or decision maker – their job is to bring out the leadership of all group members, and guide them through dialogue to make collaborative decisions.

A facilitator helps a group work through a process more effectively.

The primary goal of a facilitator is to create a process where all participants can contribute, and can collaborate in meeting the group objectives. This means there is more input, more creativity, and co-ownership of outcomes. Facilitators help prevent the loss of time, resources, and energy, and prevent the alienation of group members who might have felt unheard or excluded. 

From the beginning stages of planning to the follow up stage, facilitators ensure that all input is recorded, summarized, and made available to leadership and participants to carry momentum forward. 

If you want to work more effectively as a group, a facilitator can help.

You might have noticed some challenging dynamics within your group, have heard participants express frustration with your past and current processes, or you have an important meeting or process on the horizon and want to make sure it goes well.

A facilitator can start working with your group at any time, but we recommend getting a facilitator involved from day one. They can help you plan, implement, and follow up on important processes so you can increase the impact of your efforts.

You can read about our team, approach, and methods, or learn more about our consulting and facilitation services.

Check out the International Association of Facilitators to learn more about the benefits of facilitation, the facilitators code of ethics, and various methods available for effective processes.

For more information on our specific approach, check out the Art of Hosting and PeerNet websites.

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We offer consulting and facilitation services to nonprofits around the world. These are offered in person in Tuscany, Italy and in other locations with reimbursement of expenses. We also offer services online and by phone at a distance, in both English and Italian. Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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