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Authentic Engagement is a boutique consulting and engagement social enterprise founded in 2017 in Vancouver, Canada.

It began as a collaboration between Rachel Malek and Lisa Bryson. It has since grown into a collective of lived experience experts and consultants from around the world. 

Drawing on our histories for a better future.

Authentic Engagement was inspired when Rachel noticed herself and her peers making significant contributions to local nonprofits and the public sector, drawing on lived experience that was all too often left unrecognized.

She realized that lived experience was one of the greatest underutilized resources in our sector.

Those with lived experience offer something that cannot be gained through traditional education and professional means. It is a profound combination of knowledge and skills that can transform our way of working and being in community with those we serve.

Coming together.

Through the avenue of Authentic Engagement, Rachel and Lisa began to build a common language and support for clients who value this experience and want to transform their own approach. 

Through engagement, consulting, capacity building, and public speaking, Rachel and Lisa began to foster an awareness of the value and potential of drawing on this experience to make significant impact in the community. 

Operating as a collective in a social enterprise model, Authentic Engagement expanded naturally as other lived experience leaders were drawn to the approach and values the company embodied.

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In Canada, Europe, and around the world.

Authentic Engagement has recently moved it’s headquarters to Europe, while the collective continues to collaborate virtually, drawing on the power of new technology to share our values, offer services, and make an impact at the local, national, and international levels. 

We can help your organisation draw on lived experience to make an impact.

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