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Central to our work is a belief in the value of lived experience, based on the principle of “nothing about us, without us”. 

Our work aligns with the values of participatory decision making and action, of inclusivity and diversity, and of anti-oppressive practice. 

"Nothing about us, without us."

We draw on the lived experience of our team members and the communities we serve to support meaningful engagement and systems-level change. We believe that when a nonprofit or public sector organisation is working to address a social issue, they must do so in a meaningful collaboration with those most affected and who have first hand knowledge. 

This ethical approach ensures that the affected communities have a sense of ownership and empowerment in the process of change, and leads to better quality decision making and more sustainable results. We support this in two ways. First, our team members work only in areas where they have personal lived experience, and when they step outside of that they do so in partnership with others who are lived experience experts in that area. Second, we specialize in creating safe spaces and in using participatory methods to engage the community in meaningful, collaborative processes, as well as building the capacity of our clients to be genuine allies with those they serve.

Participatory Approach
We believe the processes of decision making and taking action must be participatory, designed to activate all types of learners, thinkers, and doers in a meaningful and energizing collaboration.
Inclusivity & Diversity
We recognize that no social space is ever 100% safe for every participant, while working to foster "safe(r)" spaces rooted in a dynamic commitment to examine and respond to the needs of diverse groups and individuals to be included.
We recognize that every person exists within a multitude of identities which intersect with external systems of power and oppression, and we work to foster communication and allyship which makes space to acknowledge and resist these forms of privilege and oppression.

A way of being...

These are more than words for us. These are ways of being with our communities, with our collective, with our clients, and with ourselves. These are an active process of reflecting and learning in each moment. These are a journey rather than a destination. We seek to bring these values to life in all of our interactions, while supporting clients to reflect on how they can activate these values in their own practice and teams. 

We can help your organisation draw on lived experience to make an impact.

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