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We believe in the power of ongoing learning to foster leadership, engagement, and social change. 

Explore our selection of assessments, trainings, and courses offered in flexible, accessible, self-directed structure to meet your professional needs.

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Online Assessments

Our free assessments will help you quickly analyse and explore some key areas of learning and reflection. All assessments include a one-hour consultation with one of our experts to implement what you have learned.

Two colourful doors in the background with text that says Check Up: Accessibility

Accessibility in the Workplace Assessment

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Colourful paintbrushes in the background with text that says Check Up: Diversity and Inclusivity

Inclusivity and Diversity in the Workplace Assessment

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Remote Trainings

Learn practical strategies and methods to make change in your practice and organisation through these two week trainings. Trainings include a variety of learning areas, activities, and one-on-one support from our consultants.  Upon completion, trainees will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Starting April 15th
Colourful cups stacked in the background with text that says Diversity, Access, Inclusion.

Inclusivity, Diversity, and Accessibility in the Workplace

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Starting April 15th
Two men talking with each other at a table in the background

Participatory Engagement with Community Partners

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Online Courses

Dive deep into key areas of learning in these two month online courses. Built for a range of learning styles and needs, each course includes a series of videos, readings, visuals, and many interactive activities alongside one-on-one support. Upon completion, participants will recieve a Certificate of Achievement, a bonus three months unlimited access to assessments, trainings, webinars, and a series of one-on-one coaching sessions to support follow-through.

Starting September 15th
A cracked egg in the background with text that says Discomfort, Disruption, Innovation

Working at the Edges: Hosting Discomfort, Disruption, and Innovation

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Starting April 15th
Stacked public housing units in the background with text that says Oppression, Intersections, Challenging Power.

Intersectionality and Anti-Oppression: Practices to Challenge Power Dynamics

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Starting June 15th
A woman smiling with a pen in her hand in the background with text that says Participation, Collaboration, Leadership.

Participatory Leadership: Power Sharing and Collaborative Teams

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