A selection of booklets and handouts on a white table, with Allyship and Coming to Knowing written on them

Capacity Building

The key to a sustainable organisation is empowerment. Through training, document development, and coaching we support staff, volunteers, and community members to build their skills and capacity. 

Some areas we focus on are the tools of advocacy and systems level change, the approaches to sensitivity and inclusion, and the methods of facilitation and participatory engagement. 


We create safer spaces where participants can build confidence, use their voice, and feel empowered to apply their skills today and in the future. 


We offer participants structured and supported opportunities to get hands on experience and to “learn by doing” through a range of participatory strategies.


While drawing on our unique areas of expertise, we customize each training, document, and coaching session based on the needs of each organisation.

We can help your organisation draw on lived experience to make an impact.

Get in Touch

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Book a free brief consultation appointment below. It will take place in our virtual office and last about 15 minutes, with more time available if needed. If you prefer, you can contact us anytime at info@authenticengagement.eu.