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Public Speaking

As humans, we have evolved to learn from storytelling. We believe in the power of public speaking to inspire, educate, and motivate action – which in turn can change the world.

Our lived experience experts are available for in person and remote speaking engagements in Canada, Europe, and around the world. 


Through personal stories of transformation and overcoming adversity, we inspire our audiences to make a difference.


Drawing on a wealth of personal and professional experience, we guide audiences on a journey of learning and discovery.


Sharing the impact of personal and collective initiative, we motivate audiences to take action and “be the change”.

We can help your organisation draw on lived experience to make an impact.

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Book a free brief consultation appointment below. It will take place in our virtual office and last about 15 minutes, with more time available if needed. If you prefer, you can contact us anytime at info@authenticengagement.eu.