Two older women and one younger woman stand with the former Representative for Children and Youth smiling for the camera, in an elegant wood pannelled room full of antiques.

Strategic Consulting

Engaged organisations grow from participative leadership styles, structures, and strategies. 

Through a process of planning and advising, our consulting services help leadership and organisations develop visionary long and short term strategies that are grounded in stakeholder input, and that adapt in an agile way to evolving community needs. 


By dreaming big and exploring all possible futures, we can identify the best possible direction to bring an organisations vision to life both now and in the years to come.


Our strategic planning and advising is rooted in our own professional expertise alongside an active process of consultation and analysis in partnership with all stakeholders. 


We work in an agile framework, applying prototypes, seeking feedback, and constantly improving strategies and methods to align with evolving community needs.

We can help your organisation draw on lived experience to make an impact.

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