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Jean de Dieu Tuyisenge

Jean de Dieu is regarded as a highly active, creative visionary, professional, kind, selfless and strong intercultural communicator. His mission is to reduce poverty through advocating for equal opportunity and free education for all.


Growing up Jean de Dieu experienced the genocide in Rwanda, where over a million people were killed in the period of 100 days. This experience was the hardest and cruellest experience any one can be exposed to let alone a child. He keeps pushing because he wants to educate people about the dark past and he wants the international community to know how innocent peoples lives were deeply affected and changed forever, hence no one should ever have to experience the hardship he experienced.

Jean de Dieu is passionate about the power of mentorship and its role in supporting human compassion and empathy, social and environment justice and human rights for all people, no matter what race, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, gender, sexual orientation or other socially ascribed characteristic for which people around the globe continue to be persecuted for.

In 2010 he started a registered charity organisation to support genocide survivors in Rwanda by offering different support including scholarship but not limited to emotional and psychological support. In an attempt to provide free education and a head start for those who would otherwise stay in ridden poverty situation, over the last 10 years, his organisation managed to raise funds to fund scholarships for over 20 children and support different initiatives for youth education in Rwanda and South Africa

He has worked with clients in various sectors, particularly in non-profit organisations and hospitals, as a fundraising manager, community connection coordinator, events planning, projects/programs developer, youth facilitator, tech and marketing support and disability advocacy. He worked for S.U.C.E.S.S, the Immigrant Welcome Centre and Immigrants Settlement Services of BC. He has conducted paid and non paid public speeches with United Nations, Rotary Clubs and other non-profit organisation including public high schools

Jean de Dieu is currently pursuing Nordic Master of Social Work and Welfare and has a Degree in Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies, with a minor in Health Sciences and a Certificate in Sustainable Community Development. He has received the Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Health Sciences Award for Outstanding Community Service Award.


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Immigrants & Refugees

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

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