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Nadia Jajja

Nadia (she/her) is a physician by education who comes to Authentic Engagement with her experiences as a communications and knowledge specialist. She hopes to bring to the center the voices and perspectives of people who find themselves on the fringes. Her work is informed by her field experience in South East Asia and lived experiences as a global citizen and woman of color navigating North America in the 21st century. 

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Nadia Jajja has been writing since the mid-2000s and has over 10 years’ experience in communications. Her work portfolio includes writings on women’s issues, reproductive health and vulnerable populations as well as content creation and dissemination projects. She believes that access to timely and accurate knowledge combined with empathy and compassion is the key to proactive social change – and with Authentic Engagement she strives to deliver just this. 

Nadia’s approach is reflected in her work whether she is documenting a day in the life of children of under-trial and incarcerated women in a local prison (The Maternal Bond); the grassroots realities of a national program to improve maternal mortality (Mithi’s Middle Way); the lives and thoughts of photojournalists covering war and conflict in South East Asia (In Conversation: Massoud Houssaini); the quiet changes that the media revolution brought for women in small towns (Small City, Big Dream); or conversations about the lives of poets who lived (Asma Mundrawala).

After a hiatus of a few years where Nadia focused on a career in public communications, research, migration to Canada as well as post-graduate education in business and entrepreneurship and attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Nadia has found a renewed voice in new age media. She is active on Twitter where she frequently creates threads to both inform and engage.


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